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Welcome to Fátima - Vitória de Sobral S.A. Shopping Center!

Founded in 1961, Vitória de Sobral S.A. is a solid and respected company, which provides customers total reliability in their commercial transactions and monitoring of excellence.

Vitória de Sobral SA has several commercial spaces in Fátima, with Fátima Shopping Center being the biggest and the one with more diversity of products.

The Fátima Shopping Center has its headquarters in the city of Fátima, Portugal, and has been open to the public since 1992.

The Fátima Shopping Center is dedicated to the commercialization of religious, regional, and jewelry pieces of all kinds, as well as special products dedicated for the liturgy and sacral art.

With a wide space, but at the same time, welcoming and modern, you will find quality products at very competitive prices and professional and dedicated customer service. We have a passionate team about what they do, which will certainly help you in responding to your requests.

Make us a visit and you will be surprised!

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